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Tailor made  facial treatments for your individual needs











Suitable for all skin types (up to 55 years)

Including: basic facial* suitable for your skin type!
Effects: restores the skin functions, gives a healthy glow to the skin and stimulates the senses.

Price: €60

AromaRelax–The inner journey treatment

Take all the stress away feeling. You will feel reborn!
Including: Cleansing,exfoliation and meditative massage ( facial, neck,decoltage,hands)and mask

Effects: Relaxes the muscles, body and mind




AromaRich Skin 


Suitable for mature skin (65 plus)

Including:basic facial*  but you can choose between eyebrow tinting or upper lip waxing

Effects: restores the skin functions and gives a healthy glow to the skin.

Price: €60 


Aroma Clean - deep cleansing

Suitable also for young people. (under 18 years)
Including: Cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, mask

Effects: Cleans and revitalises the skin and restores skin functions.

depending on your individual skin condition:
45 minutes: €35 
60 minutes: €45
75 minutes: €55


Aroma Vitality Deluxe treatment

Suitable for skin over 55 years

Including: Basic facial*,1x facelift, foot mask, hand mask and eyebrow dying.

Effects: stimulates and remineralises mature skin. 
You retain the skin's natural radiance and elasticity. 
Your skin will glow healthily. The treatment also works on the senses.

Price: €95



Hollisctic Head, Neck massage

Use of essential oils based on your emotional requirements

( e.g: lavender, orange, peppermint, rose...etc)


Price: €25




*Basic facial  always includes= Cleansing, exfoliation, epilation, steaming, extraction, facial massage including the neck and decoltage, mask.



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